Dale announced that one of the July social events would be in lieu of other installation activities.
Dale introduced members of his team who were present to preview the year ahead.
Club Service, Mike Carroll –
- Monthly social events at Cronies on July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14 – all from 4:00 to about 6:30.
- Looking for venue ideas for Christmas Party. Place & Caterer need to be booked soon.
- Keaau H.S. Interact Club. The club meets at noon on Wednesdays. Mike, Sharon, Alan, and Mike have taken turns with club advisor Christopher Ho to attend the meetings. The club has over 100 members.
HRYF, Richard Cunningham –. This year our club gave $6300 and was fifth in the district.
Program Committee, Roy Takemoto –
- The committee arranges for speakers, maintains the web page, and puts out the newsletter
- He needs at least 2 more committee members or will have sign up sheets for volunteers to take photos or notes at each meeting
- Discussion of ways to improve the newsletter. Two primary suggestions: 1. That there be a sign-up sheet for individuals to take notes each week. 2. That there be cards on the table so people giving Happy Dollars can write down the “411.”
Membership, Katie Lambert – will continue to have the club socials where members encouraged to bring prospective members
Fundraising, Kim Keahiolalo – open to creative or tested fundraising ideas.
Club Trainer, Julie Hugo has been our club trainer. It was a 3 year term. Mary Bergier will follow up to see if we can have more activities.