Hitachi means "sunrise".  Robert Mohan, Ph.D., mechanical and systems engineer, enlightened us with a glimpse of how a large global corporation plans 100 years into the future seeking to make ever more useful products.  Bob also mentioned that Hitachi is working to bring its presence to the Big Island where a major project could offer opportunities to experience, learn, train, educate, and work with Hitachi.
Hitachi started in 1910.  It has over 300,000 employees spread over 47+ countries.  In the past they delivered technology and products such as heavy equipment and trains.  Today, besides those products, they focus on the Internet of Things (IoT)-- the linked relationship between technology and products.  For example, smart phone technology linked to a door bell is a door bell enhanced with a video camera and speaker to be able to see and talk to someone through your smart phone when someone rings the doorbell.  To foster innovative integration, Hitachi has organized into business domains and groups.  Business domains include:  power-energy, industry-distribution-water, urban, and finance-public-healthcare.  The core values below underlie the innovative spirit and culture of the company.
The proposed project under consideration for a site in Kona is a multipurpose motorsport and fairgrounds that would feature solar-powered microgrids, brackish water or seawater desalinization, carbon-neutral fuel (e.g., hydrogen), and venues to experience and learn to operate and maintain heavy equipment, advanced-powered vehicles, and other motor vehicles.  It would be a place of fun, learning, employment, and training for residents, visitors, and students.  Hitachi would have a venue to showcase a diversity of their products and systems, as well as train existing and potential employees or clients.  The Big Island would have a place for learning about cutting edge technology, expanded opportunities for training and certification (e.g., heavy equipment operators, teen driving lessons, commercial driving license, solar systems repair and maintenance), multipurpose space for fairs, concerts, open markets.