Yoga is the "union of body, mind, spirit".  Jennifer Weinert, a registered yoga instructor, explained the benefits of yoga.  Purna yoga combines the poses (asanas) with breathing, meditation, and nutrition.
Jennifer exemplifies and exudes the benefits of yoga-- you can feel her calm, gentle, kind, and perceptive soul.  She has been practicing and teaching since 1995, having trained for over 2000 hours where most instructors have only 200 hours of training.  The asanas (poses) are an important but small part of Purna yoga.  Jennifer tailors specific sequences to address different ailments and stress.  She led the audience through the eagle pose, an exercise to open the upper back and remove stiffness in the shoulders.  She also provided a tip for breathing meditation to calm the mind-- change the pattern of the inhalation to be half as long as the exhalation to increase awareness of the breathing, and always breathe through the nose since this has a more direct effect on the brain than breathing through the mouth.  Namaste (I salute the Light of life in you).