Posted by Junichi Noumaru on Jul 10, 2019
July 10, 2019
Kyoji Nariai is the Professor Emeritus at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

Dr. Nariai is the astronomer whose research fields are astronomical optics and stellar astrophysics. His carrier as the researcher started with the assistant at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory (TAO) of Univ. of Tokyo. He became the professor at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in 1989. He frequently visited Hilo since then and became the Director of the Hilo Office of the Japan National Large Telescope or JNLT project in 1992. Since then, he lived in Hilo and made coordinations for the construction of JNLT with the local government and the contractors. Also he made really good relationship with local community. He became the vice director of Subaru Telescope in 1997 and retired NAOJ in 1998. Now he enjoys his retirement life without obligation.